CoorsTek Specialty Chemicals Acquires Boulder Ionics Corporation

Golden, Colorado: CoorsTek Specialty Chemicals announced today that it has acquired Boulder Ionics Corporation, of Arvada, Colorado. Boulder Ionics is a developer and manufacturer of high-performance electrolytes for batteries and ultracapacitors. The acquisition is part of CoorsTek’s continued expansion from its technical and market leadership position in engineered ceramics into a broader array of high-technology materials.

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Alphabet Energy Introduces The World’s Most Powerful Thermoelectric Generator

Alphabet Energy Introduces The World’s Most Powerful Thermoelectric Generator

Alphabet Energy introduced the world’s most powerful thermoelectric generator today, which captures exhaust heat and converts it into electricity.

The company’s first product, called the E1, attaches to an exhaust stack and uses Alphabet’s patented thermoelectric materials to convert waste heat into electricity. Thermoelectrics use a temperature differential to generate electricity in the solid state. This product introduction is the first for the company, which was founded in 2009 at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

The E1 generates up to 25 kWe per 1,000 kWe engine, saving 52,500 liters of diesel fuel per year, per engine. Alphabet Energy has already taken multiple orders for the E1, which has gone through extensive customer testing in the field.

Images and a video of the E1 are available at

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Boulder Ionics Announces Exclusive License Agreement with CSIRO for Advanced Lithium-Ion Battery Electrolytes

ARVADA, Colo.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Boulder Ionics Corp., developer and producer of high-performance electrolytes and electrochemical-grade ionic liquids for advanced energy storage devices, today announced that it has signed an exclusive worldwide licensing agreement with Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Australia's national science agency, to develop and commercialize the use of pyrrolidinium-based ionic liquids in electrolytes for lithium-ion and advanced chemistry batteries.

“CSIRO has been actively researching and developing ionic liquids for electrochemical applications, especially lithium batteries, for 10 years now. By licensing our technology portfolio and developing a strong collaboration with Boulder Ionics, we believe substantial improvements to lithium battery technology are just around the corner”

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Novatorque ultra efficient motors now bigger and better.

NovaTorque, Inc., a Fremont CA based producer of ultra efficient, cost-effective, electronically commutated permanent magnet motors, introduces 7.5hp and 10hp horsepower models of its PremiumPlus+ motors. NovaTorque motors use low-cost ferrite magnets in an innovative flux-focusing design to deliver the superior efficiency of rare-earth permanent magnet motors at a price that is competitive with induction motors.

More here: NovaTorque, Inc. Expands its Ultra Efficient PremiumPlus+ ECPM Motor Line to the 2hp to 10hp Power Range | Automation World

NREL Outstanding Venture award went to Boulder Ionics Corp.

The Industry Growth Forum hosted by the Energy Department's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) this week attracted nearly 400 investors, entrepreneurs, scientists and thought leaders to Denver. Last night, three companies where honored with Best Venture and Outstanding Venture Awards.

An Outstanding Venture award went to Boulder Ionics Corp.; this Arvada, Colo. company is a commercial supplier of ionic-liquid based high-performance electrolytes and related chemicals for energy storage devices.

Read more here: NREL's industry growth forum brings together energy innovators, December 11th, 2013

Why ionic liquids matter for energy storage (and Australia)

Early in 2012 the CalCEF Angel Fund invested in the initial VC round in Boulder Ionics Corporation.  Today we are proud to announce that we have helped Boulder Ionics bring their game changing energy storage technology to Australia, and bring Australia’s leading ionic liquid research to the world.

This caps off a recent string of good news from the company including a licensing agreement with HydroQuebec and the appointment of ex Novolytes CEO Ed Frindt as an independent board member.

Just today the company announced a partnership with the CSIRO and funding from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency through the Southern Cross Renewable Energy Fund. The fund is managed by SXVP and backed by ARENA and SB China Venture Capital. This deal gives the company a great base for Australia and China.

So why all the fuss about ionic liquids and what have they got to do with clean energy (and Australia)?

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Boulder Ionics Raises $500,000 Investment from the Southern Cross Renewable Energy Fund

Financing Establishes Relationships with Key Players in Asia-Pacific Energy Storage Markets

Boulder Ionics Corp., producer of high-performance electrolytes and electrochemical-grade ionic liquids for advanced energy storage devices, today announced a $500,000 investment from the Southern Cross Renewable Energy Fund. Proceeds will be used to support a collaborative research program and license arrangement with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Australia's national science agency, and to create an Australian subsidiary of Boulder Ionics. This new investment complements the company's prior $4.3 million Series A financing round along with grant awards totaling almost $2 million from the National Science Foundation, U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy.

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RSI Announces the World's Most Powerful Cadmium Telluride Solar Modules

  • RSI displays 1.5 square meter cadmium telluride (CdTe) modules to potential partners during Intersolar North America.
  • RSI’s large area adds high power and lower installation cost to CdTe’s already proven efficiency, reliability, sustainability and profitability.
  • Large CdTe modules will be manufactured by RSI's exclusive regional     manufacturing partners, hastening the march towards grid parity for solar.


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Alphabet Energy Raises $16 Million in New Financing to Accelerate Waste-Heat Recovery Product Development


Strategic corporate investor leads round with participation from all existing investors.

HAYWARD, California March 11, 2013

(March 11, 2013) – Alphabet Energy Inc., the innovator of a platform silicon thermoelectric technology that generates power from a variety of waste-heat sources, announced today that it has closed $16 million in Series B financing. Corporate strategic investor Encana Corp., the Calgary, Alberta-based developer of natural gas and other energy sources, led the round, with participation from existing investors Claremont Creek VenturesTPG Biotech (the venture arm of TPG), and the CalCEF Clean Energy Angel Fund.

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CES Group, LLC to Offer NovaTorque PremiumPlus+™ Motors in its FANWALL TECHNOLOGY® Systems

Fremont, CA — (January 21, 2013) — CES Group, LLC (, a recognized market and technology leader in the field of custom and engineered HVAC systems, has selected NovaTorque Inc. (, an emerging supplier of ultra efficient and cost effective electric motors, as a premier motor supplier for CES’ innovative FANWALL® systems. The two companies recently signed a multi-year supply agreement. 

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Boulder Ionics Corporation raises $4.3 M for novel, high throughput production of ionic liquids

With this $4.3 M financing and grant awards totalling almost $1 M, Boulder Ionics will demonstrate the use of ionic liquid based electrolytes in a range of devices from ultracapacitors and lithium-ion batteries to metal-air batteries.Batteries using ionic liquid electrolytes can be non-flammable, are stable at higher temperatures and can operate at higher voltages (increasing energy density and lowering cost).

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Alphabet Energy Attracts $1 Million from Claremont Creek Ventures & CalCEF Clean Energy Angel Fund


SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Alphabet Energy, an early-stage company commercializing an inexpensive waste-heat recovery technology developed at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, announced today that it has received $1 million in seed financing from Claremont Creek Ventures (CCV) and the CalCEF Clean Energy Angel Fund. The financing will be used to manufacture commercial prototype devices on existing semiconductor infrastructure at the year-old company.

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