CoorsTek Specialty Chemicals Acquires Boulder Ionics Corporation

Golden, Colorado: CoorsTek Specialty Chemicals announced today that it has acquired Boulder Ionics Corporation, of Arvada, Colorado. Boulder Ionics is a developer and manufacturer of high-performance electrolytes for batteries and ultracapacitors. The acquisition is part of CoorsTek’s continued expansion from its technical and market leadership position in engineered ceramics into a broader array of high-technology materials.

Boulder Ionics will combine with Outlast Technologies, a market leader in phase change polymers and coatings, as the two founding entities of CoorsTek Specialty Chemicals. Dr. Jerry L. Martin, the CEO of Boulder Ionics, will join CoorsTek Specialty Chemicals as the President of its Boulder Ionics unit, reporting to Michael Coors, CEO of CoorsTek Specialty Chemicals. Mr. Coors will continue to lead the company’s Outlast Technology unit.

Boulder Ionics (BI) manufactures high-performance electrolytes for advanced energy storage devices based on proprietary chemicals including ionic liquids and novel lithium salts. Batteries using Boulder Ionics’ electrolytes provide improved safety, more power at low temperatures and more lifetime at high temperatures. Boulder Ionics’ customers include leading battery, ultracapacitor and lithium-ion-capacitor manufacturers in the U.S., Europe and Asia. Applications of Boulder Ionics Iolyte® family of electrolytes include consumer electronics, defense systems, hybrid cars, electric vehicles and grid-scale energy storage. Batteries and capacitors using Iolyte electrolytes last longer and provide more power than conventional designs, enabling electric cars to go further and consumer electronics to run longer between charges.

BI was founded in 2011 by serial entrepreneurs Christine Martin and Jerry Martin. Early funding came from the National Science Foundation, the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Air Force, along with local angel investors from the Denver area. BI raised a Series A Venture Capital round in 2012, led by Pangaea Ventures of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 9th Street Investments, the investment arm of CoorsTek also participated in the round. Other investors included CalCEF Clean Energy Angel Fund, JSR Corporation of Japan, Protonic Capital, Southern Cross Venture Partners and SoftBank China.

“Boulder Ionics and its talented employees will facilitate CoorsTek Specialty Chemicals’ expansion into the rapidly growing battery materials market,” said Michael Coors, Chief Executive Officer of CoorsTek Specialty Chemicals. Combining our expertise in high-volume manufacturing and proven ability to partner with many of the world’s leading companies with Boulder Ionics’ high-throughput synthesis technology will enable CoorsTek Specialty Chemicals to establish itself as a leading provider of a next generation of energy materials – materials that will contribute to a measurably better world”

“By joining CoorsTek, we will become part of a company with over 100 years of leadership in materials engineering, high-technology manufacturing and strong customer relationships in sectors that can immediately benefit from our technology,” said Boulder Ionics founder and CEO Dr. Jerry Martin. “We have spent the last three years building our technology and patent portfolio and are ready to bring our advanced materials to market in significant volumes. Their adoption will enable some truly amazing solutions that millions of people will experience in their daily lives.”

About CoorsTek Specialty Chemicals 
CoorsTek Specialty Chemicals is the unit of CoorsTek that advances chemical technologies including phase change polymers and high-performance electrolytes that make household and industrial products measurably better. Its Outlast® technology was originally designed for NASA to protect astronauts from temperature fluctuations in space is now found in hundreds of commercial materials found in products ranging from sports and leisure apparel including footwear, as well as packaging, military equipment and many others. Its Boulder Ionics’ Iolyte® electrolytes have applications in a wide range of products ranging from ultracapacitors to lithium-ion batteries and next generation metal-air batteries. For more information, please visit

About CoorsTek
CoorsTek makes the world measurably better as the partner of choice for technology and manufacturing companies worldwide whose success requires the unique, high-performance properties of products manufactured from engineered ceramics and advanced materials. CoorsTek products and components touch people’s lives through amazing solutions to global challenges in energy, transportation, information technology, healthcare and defense, among others. For more information about CoorsTek, including product information, its history since 1910, and locations throughout North America, South America, Europe and Asia, visit

About Boulder Ionics
Boulder Ionics is a developer and manufacturer of high-performance electrolytes for energy storage devices. Boulder Ionics’ core technologies include ionic liquids, advanced lithium salts and chemical process intensification. Boulder Ionics’ electrolytes are designed to work with next-generation battery chemistry, and include non-flammable electrolytes, electrolytes designed for silicon anodes, and systems optimized for high-voltage lithium-ion batteries. Using its proprietary high-throughput synthesis platform, Boulder Ionics is the first company to manufacture ultra-high-purity ionic liquids at prices that allow for commercial adoption. Boulder Ionics’ advanced Iolyte® electrolytes have applications in a wide range of products ranging from ultracapacitors to lithium-ion batteries and next generation metal-air batteries. For more information, please visit