Photo Credit: Peter Hellberg

Photo Credit: Peter Hellberg

Susan Preston

Susan Preston is General Partner for the CalCEF Clean Energy Angel Fund, the Buerk Endowed Fellow for Entrepreneurship at the University of Washington, and a Trustee for the Angel Resource Institute, and the manager of the Seattle Angel Fund.

Susan has spent most of her career in senior management positions in public and private companies, from general counsel to CEO.  She has also been a partner in two national law-firms and is a patent attorney.  Susan is a world-recognized expert in angel financing, and is the author of numerous articles, white papers and books on angel financing. Her most recent book, Angel Financing for Entrepreneurs, was released by Wiley Publishing.  She has been and continues to be a national and international speaker on economic development, angel and venture financing. She was an Entrepreneur-in-Residence with the Kauffman Foundation for six years focusing on initiatives related to angel investing, angel organizations and women entrepreneurs.  She is the architect of the Access to Capital for Entrepreneurs Act, a bi-partisan federal income tax credit bill for private equity investing, which will be re-introduced in Congress this session.  Ms. Preston received her JD, cum laude, from Seattle University and her BS, magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa, in Microbiology and Public Health from WSU.

Photo Credit: Dennis Schroeder / NREL   October 24, 2012- Paul Fox, CalCEF gives a critique to one of the company presentations at the Industry Growth Forum in Denver, CO. (Photo by Dennis Schroeder / NREL) 

Photo Credit: Dennis Schroeder / NREL


October 24, 2012- Paul Fox, CalCEF gives a critique to one of the company presentations at the Industry Growth Forum in Denver, CO. (Photo by Dennis Schroeder / NREL) 

Paul Fox

Paul is a partner in the CalCEF Clean Energy Angel Fund and the CTO of AGL New Energy. Paul is an early stage technology veteran, having worked as an engineer, strategy consultant, and CEO of several start-ups. Prior to joining the Fund, Paul led Corran Tuathail Inc., a technology commercialization firm, which helped launch several cleantech companies, including solar components, water treatment, solar financing, sensor networks, energy storage and green buildings. Prior to that, Paul was founding CEO of SC Power Systems, a smart grid hardware company which was later listed on the AIM as Zenergy. In other roles, Paul was a VP at Flextronics; the CEO of a fuel cell company; built the first mobile phones in Hungary; was a strategy consultant during the de-regulation of the Australian electricity markets; and was national operations manager for one of Australia’s largest construction organizations. Paul began his career building water and power systems in remote localities, winning kudos from the United Nations and Government of Papua New Guinea. Paul has an MBA from Monash University, a Graduate Diploma from the University of Queensland, and a Bachelor of Engineering with Honours from the University of New South Wales.


Photo Credit: dimnikolov

Photo Credit: dimnikolov

Jon Foster

Jon Foster is CFO of LS9, Inc., a technology leader in the development of renewable and sustainable chemicals and fuels.  Foster has spent the last fifteen years in leadership roles in entrepreneurial public and private technology companies in the Silicon Valley.  Prior to moving to the Silicon Valley, Foster served as a deputy director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.  Foster is a founding member of the Board of Directors and the investment committee of the California Clean Energy Fund (CalCEF). He also serves as vice-chair of the Utilities Advisory Commission for the City of Palo Alto, a leader in the use of renewable energy and the only city in California with a municipal utility that provides electricity, gas, and water. In addition, he serves on the National Advisory Council for Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2), a national organization of business leaders who use economic rationales to advocate for sound energy and environmental policies.  Foster holds a BS in mechanical engineering from Yale University and a JD from Harvard Law School.


Ken Goldsholl

Ken is the founder and CEO of x.o.ware, inc., a start-up developing network security products.  Ken has been involved in starting and investing in new companies for the last twenty years, beginning with Atlas Communication Engines, Inc., which was acquired by Polycom in 1999.  Since then, he has focused on electronics and energy related companies, at both the seed and series A level, before becoming a CalCEF Angel Fund limited partner in 2008. In addition to investing in these companies,  Ken has been actively involved in these ventures, providing engineering, marketing, manufacturing, and financial guidance for many of them.  He has a B.S..E.E. from New Jersey Institute of Technology, and is a member of E2, Environmental Entrepreneurs.


Tom Jacoby

Tom Jacoby is Chairman of the Board of Directors of Innovation Fuels Inc; a market leading biodiesel company based in New York. Mr. Jacoby is a founding Director of the California Clean Energy Fund, CalCEF, and serves on its investment committee. Additionally, he serves on the investment committee of the California Clean Energy Angel Fund; the first angel stage capital fund formed to focus on the Clean Energy markets. Beyond his work in the clean tech field, Mr. Jacoby is CEO of Tymphany Corporation and a member of the Board of Directors of Klipsch Group Inc. Mr. Jacoby is also the founder of Columbia Consulting Company, a private equity investment and business strategy firm. Columbia Consulting has developed high-level strategies for Arthur Andersen, Ripplewood Holdings and Distributed Energy Systems Corp, a leader in renewable energy integration solutions. Prior to forming Columbia Consulting, Jacoby was president and CEO of the Harman Consumer Group, a Global 1,000 consumer durables company. Mr. Jacoby is also an active member of E2, Environmental Entrepreneurs. He has been an advisor to New Energy Capital and is a director of Homeland Energy Resources Development Corp. He is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University.


Ian Rogoff

Mr. Rogoff is Executive Chairman of HelioPower, an integrated energy solutions company and its affiliated companies, Helio Energy Solutions and Helio Micro Utility. He is an active investor in software and renewable energy fields, serving as Co-Founder and General Partner at Sierra Nevada Partners, an investment management company established to buy and grow sustainable businesses located in the Western U.S.  Ian serves as Chairman of the Nevada Institute for Renewable Energy Commercialization, a non-profit public-private partnership that integrates researchers, experienced entrepreneurs, business executives and venture capital to identify and fund viable renewable energy solutions.  Ian Rogoff has diverse industry experience including software, discrete manufacturing, aerospace and energy. His prior roles include Vice President of the Worldwide Partner Group and Vice President of Enterprise Services at Microsoft, District Manager for Systems Integration at Digital Equipment Corp., and Co-Founder and President of Optimum Software, a privately-held software and consulting firm.  Ian holds a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from the University of Miami, a Master of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from The Georgia Institute of Technology, a Master of Liberal Arts from Stanford University, and has completed an executive management program at Dartmouth College.